Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Tadeusz Kusibab

about company

In 1981 we started our activity in the field of in vitro plant propagation. Since 1984 we have been propagating various varieties of blueberries, and since 1986 we have been micro-propagating of the ericaceae (heather family), such as: rhododendrons, azaleas, kalmias. Currently we propagate: blue honeysuckles (haskaps), large-fruited varieties of blackberries, raspberries, tayberries and saskatoons and many others. We offer only laboratory material in plastic vessels.

The in vitro propagation - technology of contemporary times and the future.

The production of our plants begins in special, controlled conditions – in the
in vitro cultures laboratory (i.e. on the glass). The in vitro process consists in accelerating the growth of plants in a controlled way. By implementing thoroughly selected growth regulators we appropriately stimulate plants
to develop (e.g. their roots or side buds). Young plants growing in sterile conditions have optimal growth and development conditions. Ample lighting conditions, properly selected composition of the media, specific temperature and humidity make that it is possible to considerably accelerate the propagation process.

At the end of 2018, a new laboratory was opened at the Krakow head office
of PLANTIN. Its surface area equals 625 m2 and it has 15 production stands equipped with new technology facilitating the production of plants. In our collection, we possess approximately 500 taxa of plants ready at any time
to begin production anew. Every year we introduce about dozens new taxa
and prepare them to a potential commercial use.